8 Tips to Make Your Short Layover More Enjoyable

8 Tips To Make Your Short Layover More Enjoyable


If you are traveling for work and your layover is too short, it can be a really stressful experience. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to make the most out of this frustrating situation. It’s a pain when you have a short layover at the airport. You can’t do anything productive, and there might not be enough time to grab some food from one of the restaurants. Here are 8 tips to help you have an enjoyable trip!

8 Tips to Make Your Short Layover More Enjoyable

Change your flight If Possible

If you are able to change your flight around, do it! If not, try to get on an earlier or later flight. You will be stuck at the airport for a while either way so getting out of there sooner is better than sitting there all day long.

Create a schedule

You should create some sort of schedule that will help you kill time and not be bored. Create a list of things to do, and try to accomplish them all with the little amount of downtime that is available.

Bring your own entertainment

Don’t rely on free stuff at the airport or even food! Bring some books, magazines, electronic devices like an iPad or Kindle Fire so you can entertain yourself. Bring snacks that will last long, like granola bars or trail mix to pass the time until your flight is boarding.

Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on bag

Since you are traveling for work it might be too tight to bring another pair of shoes and pants. Pack at least one extra outfit so you can freshen up after your flight. You might be able to take a quick shower at the airport, so bring soap or shampoo with you if possible.

Try not to stress about it too much!

Stressing out is never good for you, and can make any situation worse than it already is. Try to stay positive that something will work itself out, even if that means rescheduling your flight or staying an extra day.

Change your seat as much as possible

When you’re on a long flight, it can be really tough to stay awake and sit in the same seat for hours. Try not to use “exit row” seats or first class since those are usually more expensive, but feel free to change your seat around every so often during the journey! This will help keep you comfortable

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You should wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking around a lot during layovers. You don’t want to have sore feet or ankles halfway through your trip!

Look at the airport map!

If you aren’t familiar with the airport, look at a map beforehand. This way when you get to your gate, it will be easier for you understand where everything is and what to do. If not, just ask someone who works there! They are usually more than happy to help out in any situation since they deal with this kind of thing all the time.

If you have a short layover, just sit back and relax! There is nothing that can be done about it so try not to stress out too much since this will only make things worse for you. Good luck on your next flight, and don’t forget these 8 tips so you know what to do if you think

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