18 Top Character Design Tips for Animation Films

18 Top Character Design Tips for Animation Films


Character formation is not as simple as it appears in cartoons, movies, and photographs. It takes designers hours to create a character for a particular story. Designing a character can be challenging, but designers always aim to keep it simple. More than just readable features, clean lines are needed for the character. It depends on where you place the emphasis and where you drop it depending on the character of the character in the story.

18 Top Character Design Tips for Animation Films

We have seen Disneyland cartoons, Tom & Jerry, Ice Age movies, The Jungle Book and much more, and each of the above mentioned personalities has had a profound effect on our minds to live forever. You can also check these movies on cartoon crazy Starting to create a character is very difficult but if one has the idea of ​​a character in mind following the tips can help.

  1. Know the Audience

Audiences for any creative project are critical in determining its structure. It should be the most important step in the process of letter formation. Characters made for kids are very bright in color and get a basic texture. If someone is working on client projects you will need to follow the character details assigned to your client.

  1. Know the Position

What role a character will play and how he or she plays a key role in shaping character. Which actor in the middle will appear and there is a part he will show here. Usually small winds like cell phones do not require difficulty for the characters as large screens do. Besides, whatever the content, the character’s makeup always starts with paper, pencil, multiple drawings, ideas and more.

  1. Review Other Designs

You have to do an analysis of why some characters are successful and some are not. Do relevant research and research various characters from cartoon channels, animation animations, ads, etc.

  1. Your character should be Different

Regardless of its shape, personality, dress or color, cartoon characters should stand out in the crowd. Whether it is an animal or a human or a beast, the formation of characters needs to attract attention.

  1. Drawing Line and Emphasis Styles

Lines whether a thick or thin line should be designed evenly and easily to create a good, accessible and influential personality. Humans seek to be precise in creation and have a keen interest in the perfection of humanity.

  1. Enhance features

When the character space is enlarged then it captures the attention of the viewers as it seems bigger than life. It also helps the audience to identify the character and remember him or her permanently without further ado the character traits. It can include – big nose, bright eyes, 2-finger hands, large head sizes like mermaid names.

  1. Colors Make a Big Difference

Choose colors carefully; as colors make a big difference and help your creation to stand out from the crowd. Colors such as black, blue, and gray are evil intentions, while simple colors – white, blue, pink and yellow mean purity and purity.

  1. Clothing and accessories

Clothing and accessories speak to the character of the character in the story, as well as to his or her social status. Most of the diamonds and gemstones that represent riches and unclean and dirty fabrics reflect poor quality of life. In addition to accessories such as swords, flying instruments add personality and ice to the character.

  1. 2D or 3D?

You need to decide how you want to print your character and what you should look like from different angles. 2D or 3D features add a whole new look to even a flat image. If your creations are going to work on 2D or 3D platforms you will need to carefully plan the length, weight and shape of the character as even a small mistake can change the character of the character and make you look very different than you thought.

  1. Personality and facial expressions

Character personality is the most important rule you can follow while creating. How it responds in different contexts, how it changes its expression reveals the role of the character. Whether the character is dull or sporty or intelligent or friendly or has a destructive and evil nature. The facial expression means everything. The movement of the eyes, nose or lips can mean that a person is irritable, irritable, jealous, sad, happy, anxious or scared. One can read emotions in the face of a situation depending on the nature.

  1. Character with goals

Whether one is watching a movie, reading a story, or watching a movie, it is the act of the lead character that drives the character’s personality. To create a dramatic scene in a story, the character should be given goals such as solving mysteries, helping people in need, protecting people from bad characters.

  1. Creating a domain

The story of supporting the character makes it very interesting. Where it came from, what events changed his life, what made him think about taking a challenging goal, etc. It adds interesting and constructive angles to the story.

  1. Search and read

It is not necessary to follow the rule letter regularly. Depending on the artist’s situation the character’s personality will be shaped. You need to open the tests that can lead to exciting results.

  1. Using paper and pencil is not a bad idea

Most of the favorite characters of the past years were drawn when drawing with the help of software was a distant dream. While working on paper many interesting things happen, this may not happen on computers. Other than that, it gives a good feeling to the artist to create something with his hands and the feeling of giving life to a picture painted on paper.

  1. Let people share their thoughts

This will help you to understand whether the character is able to communicate with the audience or if you are able to put the personality you have always wanted into your creation. Whether the character is able to express his or her features as planned.

  1. Think beyond your plans

It is necessary as an artist to visualize your creation on various platforms. What it will look like on 2D and 3D platforms. Which platform would improve the features better and which platform audience would like to see?

  1. The right environment makes it popular

The environment in which nature lives and participates is important to make the audience feel the character. It strengthens the character’s life in the minds of the viewers.

  1. Breathe life to the characters

Your creation should look like a real-life situation. The appearance of its face, the environment in which it lives, and the personality traits in all situations close to the real world characters make it acceptable to the audience.

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