How To Change Shower Head

How To Change Shower Head

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Refreshment is so important for every human being. Having a good shower experience is one of the best refreshments for anyone. After spending a hard day when we take a shower then we feel much relaxed every time. But when the showerhead gets old and useless then taking shower will not be so exciting like before. Sometimes many problems can visible with some old showerhead. one of the most common problems with the showerhead is after some days when it’s getting useless, it shows some leaky shower head problems.

How To Change Shower Head

But change a shower head is not a very big deal at all. For this, we just need some tools, and having the right knowledge is enough for this kind of work. Here we are going to discuss some simple steps about changing a showerhead. So be with us and follow some simple steps, what we are going to discuss with you all.

Gather all tools and turn off the water supply:

To change a shower head is not a very difficult issue at all. So, we also don’t need so much tool for changing a showerhead. We just need some simple things like, we might need one blanket, a wrench, a pair of pliers. These things are enough for this work. Basically, we just need these tools to filter fulfill our work. All this kind of stuff we can gather from a hardware shop near the house.

Another thing we have to take into consideration that is we must be sure about the water supply is turned off before starting the work. Make sure the shower knobs are tightly secured. If the shower knobs are not turn off then we might face so many problems for changing the showerhead.

The water will be leak out from the pipe so that work on this will get much difficult to do. So always make sure to turn off the water supply before starting to change a showerhead. It’s important to do these things for the perfect preparation of this work.

Remove the old showerhead:

Sometimes it’s happened that the shower arms are getting tightly Stuck into it. That time the solution is to wrap a cloth on the shower arm and try to twist softly for screw out the showerhead. It will help you have a good grip on the showerhead. Often, it’s getting hard to screw off the showerhead by using our hands. When the showerhead gets stuck then using a cloth will helps a lot. Using cloth is an easy way to take out the showerhead if we twist it clockwise. If we continue to twist the shower head clockwise than unscrew the showerhead becomes easier.

This formula is not for every time we should apply when we are going to do this work. If the showerhead is not stuck with the shower arm then it’s fine to use our hand to screw off the showerhead from the shower arm. There will sometime contain so many strains on the connection between the shower arm and the showerhead. That time the strains make the shower head stuck with the pipe. So, if we can’t loosen it enough with our hand then we can use any tools or clothe to unscrew the showerhead.

Clean and tape the threads of the shower arm:

After screwing off the showerhead from the shower arms then it’s good to clean the shower arm nicely. There can be contained so many strains and dust inside the shower arms. Cleaning the strains is also an important thing to do for having a good shower experience. If the shower arm and the pipe is not clean enough and have so much dust then after adding a new shower head, we can feel the water is not clean as it should be.

Cleaning the shower arm is not very time-consuming at all. We can wipe off the screw threads. If cleaning with a simple cloth is not sufficient then maybe we can use a toothbrush to reach every corner of the shower arm. Using a toothbrush for cleaning the shower arm may be a useful choice for it. With the toothbrush, we can take out all the grime and rust inside the shower arm. When the rust is gone from the arm then it’s become much cleaner than before.

Now if we notice any old teflon tape already attached with the shower arm then we must remove it from there. It’s necessary to have the old teflon tape. After takeoff the old teflon tape we can use the new one. We don’t need so much tape to attach with the threads of the shower arm. We just need to apply for 3 or 4 turns on the threads of the shower arm. Warp the tape tightly in the clockwise direction. Make sure the tape is embedding on the thread properly.

Add the new shower and turn on the water supply:

Now finally it’s time to attach the new shower head on the proper position of the shower arm. We just have to twist it clockwise by our hand. When it’s in the proper position then we can use the wrench to tighten it enough with the shower arm. Using the wrench is to make the showerhead tightly attached with shower arm and also makes the work properly completed. Twist the range clockwise as much it goes.

Now the showerhead is ready to use. Then it’s time to turn on the water supply again. After turn on the water supply then check for any leaks from the showerhead. If there were any leaks in the shower arm then we have to make it tighter with the wrench again.


There are so many types of showerheads are available. We can choose our own choice to have a good shower experience. Also, make sure to be careful not to break the seal of the piping system where the pipe is connected with the shower arm. It is the main reason for causing a water leak.

Hopefully, if you follow the steps from above then changing a showerhead will become so much easier. Thanks to everyone.

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