Use Applications to Help Fight Your Anxiety

Use Applications to Help Fight Your Anxiety

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Mental health problems are common in today’s world. Many people face mental health problems like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and self-harm etc. The rate of anxiety and depression among teenagers and young adults is more as compared to adults. Teenagers feel anxious due to exam stress, result stress etc. There are many applications to overcome stress and anxiety issues. Some of the best apps to help you with anxiety are mentioned below.


iBreathe is an app that helps with anxiety and panic attacks through guided meditation. This app has a simple, user-friendly interface to provide ease to people having panic attacks.


Tide is one of the best applications for insomniac people. This app has guided meditation prompts with visual interactions. This feature works best for people who find it difficult to focus on audio prompts. This app is available for free on iOS devices, Android devices, and Google Chrome Extension.

Pride Counselling

Pride Counselling is a therapy app focused on the marginalized community. People of the LGBTQ+ community are often discriminated that results in mental health problems. Other problems in life result in mental illness that can have drastic effects on the human body. To deal with such issues, Pride Counselling offers one-on-one therapy with professional therapists. It also includes some webinars to help people fight panic attacks and help with anxiety. The application has weekly packages, monthly packages, and an annual subscription.


Breethe app is best for guided meditation and helps you with sleeping problems. The basic version of this app is free of cost.

Features by Breethe

The app includes many features like playlists, guided meditation activities, readings, and stories, masterclasses, and a 12-week program. It has additional features for kids, teens, and adults. You can set a reminder to help you go through the daily activities. You can also sync your app with all your devices.

People who want additional features can get a monthly subscription of $12.95. The app offers an annual premium subscription of $89.95 and a one-time purchase of $49.95 for a lifetime membership.

People suffering from anxiety and panic attacks are highly recommended to try the Breethe app. The app guarantees successful results in a few minutes, and its 4.7-star rating says the same. The app has guided meditation activities with over 1,500 stories to help people sleep, overcome anxiety and fight their panic attacks. The activities include bedtime visualizations with peaceful sounds in the background. Among other features, the app has a gentle alarm clock to calmly start your day with peace.

Working Phenomena of Anxiety Apps

Anxiety apps work by diverting your mind to decrease anxiety levels. All anxiety apps have a different approach to reduce anxiety levels. Some provide meditation exercises with peaceful background sounds to divert the mind. Some provide courses to learn about anxiety and ways to fight it. If you want to fight anxiety or use a generic app to learn about mental illness issues, several apps are waiting for you.

Subscription Fee of Anxiety Apps

Many anxiety apps are free to use because of their sole purpose to help people with mental health problems. Some apps offer professional therapeutical services that come with a cost. The annual subscription cost of anxiety apps is $70 on average.

Ratings of Anxiety Apps

The apps mentioned here are assessed according to their ratings, reviews, surveys, and prices. All mentioned apps are affordable, easy to use, and offer a variety of features to help with anxiety. People suffering from anxiety and other problems can try these apps and get the professional help they need.

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