Redo of Healer Anime Where and How to Watch

Redo of Healer Anime Where and How to Watch


Redo of the healer is a dark fantasy series that is now loved by fictional story readers. It has gained worldwide popularity among people who have great imaginary power. The redo of healer anime where and how to watch is often asked by people as it is not available on Netflix. Besides Netflix, other popular online streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime do not offer this series to their customers.

People always keep searching for ways to watch the redo of healers. This article will surely clear out this popular query of the anime lovers. The redo of healer Japanese name is Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi and this name is popularly known as Keiyari.

What is the Redo of Healer Anime?

Redo of healer is a fictional series that has created hype among fiction lovers. The story of this anime series is mainly a synchronization of wizards, demons, and monsters. The series starts with the story of getting revenge by an oppressed magician. This magician planned to get revenge on those who exploited him by time-traveling.

The series mainly focuses on the healing magic of Keyaru. In his early life, all his fellow mates took advantage of his powers and abandoned him. Also, his power to heal is the main reason that he could not fight back and suffered a lot. But after his power finally being activated changed him. This is the main plot and the story gets more interesting with the presence of demons and monsters.

Where to Watch Redo of Healer Online

The series basically starts with the redo of healer season1. This series has gained its popularity from the very beginning of season 1. But people find it difficult to find this series on online platforms. People having a Hulu subscription often search for the redo of healer Hulu. It is a sad fact that this series is still not available on Hulu.

Another popular online streaming platform is Netflix which is used by a major number of people. Is redo of the healer on Netflix is another popular question searched by the most number of people. Unfortunately, Netflix also could not offer this series to its customers.

So, at this point, you might get disappointed and lose the hope of watching this series online. You will be delighted to know that this series is available on HIDIVE for US users. HIDIVE is mainly made for anime lovers. So, it is actually an online anime streaming platform where people will get to watch their favorite anime. Like Hulu and Netflix you have to pay for the subscription of HIDIVE.

Now, the rate of payment comes into question. The monthly subscription rate of HIDIVE is not that much. You can easily take a monthly subscription at the rate of $4.99. But if you are a person who takes an annual subscription then you can take the annual plan at $47.99.

Many people often look for free online streaming platforms. We are sorry to say that there is very little opportunity for anime lovers to watch Redo of healer for free. But the people from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand can watch this series for free. All they have to do is get a free membership from ANIPLUS and enjoy their favorite anime.

How to Watch Redo of Healer Online

The power of Philosophers’ stone mainly helps Keyaru to time travel and get his revenge. This is the starting story of season 1 that is filled with many more plots. With the unfinished ending of season 1, the redo of healer season 2 came into existence. The exciting fictional story always makes people search about the redo of healer anime where and how to watch.

It is mainly the redo of healer characters that makes people more fascinated about this series. With the entry of each character, the show gets more interesting. It is really hard not to watch season 2 after watching the ending of season 1. This hype of this series makes people search to watch it online. This series is mainly telecasted on the Japanese TV channel AT-X. In AT-X it is telecasted without subtitles. Hence, People unfamiliar with the Japanese language cannot watch from the TV channel AT-X.

People always search for online platforms to watch the redo of healer as it provides subtitles. You can easily find this series on HIDIVE by getting a subscription. You can get a HIDIVE subscription by going to After going to the website you have to create an account by filling out the signup box. You can pay for your subscription with a credit card. This paid subscription of HIDIVE will let you watch the redo of healer along with English subtitles.

HIDIVE provides you with both types of subscription planning that is monthly or annual. You just choose your option in the box while creating your account.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will the redo of healer get season 2?

Yes, the season of redo of healer will be released in the year 2023. So, there is a high chance of season 2 getting released if TNK starts its work by now.

Where can I watch the redo of healer redo?

The episodes of the redo of healer are available on HIDIVE with the English dubbed version. You can find the Spanish, Danish, Swedish dubbed version available on HIDIVE.

Where can I watch the redo of healer with subtitles?

HIDIVE has the option of watching anime with Spanish, Danish, Swedish, English, and Portuguese subtitles. To get this facility you have to have a subscription to HIDIVE.

Is Keyaru a Villain?

No, Keyaru is not a villain rather he is a hero. The series redo of healer begins with the avenging story of Keyaru.


The redo of healer is getting popular with the passing of time. It is a sad fact that this series is not available everywhere due to the restriction of the censor board. There are many online streaming platforms but not every platform has the redo of healer. So, the redo of healer anime where and how to watch is the most searched topic because of its unavailability in many platforms.

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