Fix HULU Error Code p-dev318

Fix HULU Error Code p-dev318


We often face a common error code p-dev318 on some popular video streaming websites. HULU, the most prominent video streaming service provider, people do use nowadays to enjoy online TV shows, Web series, movies, and so on. The Hulu app commonly shows the error code p-dev318 during video streaming.

Hulu is being popular with young-minded content to the young generations. It provides service at cheap rates corresponding to its competitors such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Fix HULU Error Code p-dev318

It’s a burning question nowadays to encounter the error p-dev318 when streaming a movie or a series in the HULU app. The error constantly occurs even if you replay the videos again and again. You may encounter the error issue although you are using the upgraded app or your subscription is active. Anyway, don’t get bothered.

You have the correct ways here on fixing the error code p-dev318. The errors may happen because of several reasons. Today, we are gonna discuss the topic of why you encounter the Hulu code and a list of proven methods to solve your problem.

Common Reasons For Occurring HULU Error Code p-dev318:

  • If you are using the oldest Hulu app, updating the app is highly recommended. The oldest version may cause errors.
  • It is necessary to upgrade the video player, UI, and other scripts to prevent errors from occurring.
  • If you have poor wifi or network connection, your Hulu app gets down and causes errors.
  • Review whether the power saving mode is turned on or the Hulu servers are low. These are quite common reasons for errors to happen.
  • If Hulu servers fail to concede your video request query, you may face error issues.

How to Solve Hulu Error Code p-dev318 on Your Device?

Here, you are going to get the basic troubleshooting of the Hulu error code p-dev318. Let’s check out the methods to fix your error issue.

Method 1: Update Your Hulu App

  • No matter whether you are using the Hulu app on your Android device, iPhone, or smart TV, you have to always use the updated version. So, update the app when there’s any update available. The app needs to update the video player, UI, and other scripts. Therefore, replace it with its latest version.
  • The updating process is effortless to do. If you are working with an Android phone, go to the “Play Store” app first. Then, peek at the menu bar and search the “My Games & Apps” option. Then, dig into if there are any updates available.
  • If you are an iPhone stoner, go to the “App Store” and inquire about updates.
  • Being a smart TV user, you will get a notice when there’s any available update in the Hulu app. Attend the teachings on the tv screen and upgrade the app easily.

Method 2: Check Your Internet Connection

  • If there’s any problem in your network or you have a poor internet connection, the Hulu server providers can’t send data packets to you. Consequently, you face problems when streaming videos and often encounter bugs or errors. Never forget to check out whether your internet connection is stable or poor.
  • Because of a poor internet connection, the automated system of the video player gets stopped. Letting a stable internet connection is highly recommended to prevent errors from happening.

Method 3: Clear Your App Cache Files

  • When you browse any app for a longer duration, you have loads of useless data packages accumulated in the information base. For example, cache and cookies can be stored on your device. Like it includes any copy document or shows download any app or accept cookies or unnecessary ads. You need to clear the pointless data packages, cache files, or cookies to get rid of error issues. Remember to refresh your PC after each use.

How to Clear your Hulu App Cache Files?

Android users: If you are an android stoner, first search for the “Settings” option. Then tab on all apps. Check out the Hulu app and find the cache files of this app. Clear the cache files by pressing the Cache button. After that, start the Hulu app again.

iOS users: Open the “Settings” bar. Then search for the Hulu app storage and cache files. Delete all the unnecessary files and reinstall the app.

Roku users: Indeed, you won’t discover any cache files on the Roku Ultra Box. You may reset the application by uninstalling the previous Hulu app and restarting your TV.

Method 4: Contact Hulu Customer Service

  • If you are still facing error issues even after following the steps, you need to contact Hulu customer service. When none of the above methods don’t work, then contacting the service provider is the ultimate solution. Call the Hulu Tech customer support service or their helpline. Then discuss your issues and ask for a solution. The providers must give you an effective solution.
  • Sometimes, the Hulu servers get down and can’t answer back to your video inquiry. In the case of server failure, you have to wait until the server goes live and stream service again.

This is all about how to resolve the HULU Error Code p-dev318. It’s quite common to encounter error issues or bugs when video streaming on the Hulu app. If you follow the discussed 4 methods thoroughly, you will get the ultimate result I guarantee. Let’s enjoy smooth video streaming with a bug-free Hulu app.

Last Few Words:

It’s a hot topic that young generations nowadays face error issues during video streaming with the Hulu app. Nothing can be 100% perfect, as you know. Anyway, the team is still trying to figure out the error issue. You better follow the basic troubleshooting of Hulu Error Code p-dev318 until the company gets the solution.

If none of the discussed methods work for you, it’s a server issue, be sure. Communicate with the service provider immediately and ask for help. They will give you the solution within a couple of days. Get in touch with the Hulu service provider helpline for further information.

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