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Abu Sayed Announces the Release of his book “ABU SAYED: THE UNTOLD STORY”

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DHAKA, BangladeshJune 6, 2022Abu Sayed launches the 1st edition of a new book “Abu Sayed: The Untold Story” on June 28, 2022, written by Abu Sayed. From this book, you can find detailed information about Abu Sayed. This book will contain his full biography. It is the Untold story behind a Successful Musical Artist, Writer, Engineer, Entrepreneur and Singer Abu Sayed.

The book also reveals the real story of his life journey, How Abu Sayed Came from a Middle-Class family & overcome all obstacles and established himself to become a successful Musical Artist, Singer, Writer, Engineer, Entrepreneur & Producer in Bangladesh.

Packed with exclusive interviews and previously untold stories, as well as expert psychological insights, this biography gets behind the newspaper headlines to answer that question, entering the real world of a talented yet troubled musical legend.

Abu Sayed was born on Dec 26, 1998 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a singer, writer, actor, producer known for Nai Tumi Nai (2022), Beautiful Wind (2022), Sky Never Blues (2022) & More. He is also well-known as a Full Stack Web, Game & Xr Developer, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Musician, Singer, Lyricist, Composer and Music Producer in Bangladesh. He raised in a well-educated Muslim family. His parents are A.H.M. Mizanur Rahman, a businessman, and Viana Akhter, a house-wife. He has been married to Fahmida Akhter Ritu since February 18, 2022.

  • What’s unique about this book? Ans. Because it’s a Motivational book. Motivational books or speeches create a positive and optimistic impact on your life.
  • Is there anything planned for the book launch? Ans. This is 1st Edition and the 2nd edition will come next year in 2023.
  • Where/how can the book be purchased? Ans. You can purchase this book only on Amazon and Kindle Store for Now.

“It’s about singer Abu Sayed. 1st edition is good but wants to know about him more. Waiting for the next EP”

– Rabeya Sultana

“I loved Abu Sayed: The Untold Story. I would recommend Abu Sayed: The Untold Story  to anyone.”

– Mikail Anderson

You can Buy The Book from Amazon.

Abu Sayed sings predominantly in Hindi and Bengali but has also performed in various other Indian languages. Sayed has worked with almost every major label such as ‘g-series, anupam music, cd choice, soundtek, laser vision’ and more. They say that ‘dreams don’t work until you do’, and Sayed is one such exemplary example of how success is built with one’s own determination and hard work. He is the recipient of many International Music Awards.

He Loves to Make International Beat Trap · Vocal · POP · Country · Folk · Electronic ( Bass Drum Pad Guitar ). Following in the footsteps of his Idol. His constant, painstaking efforts and perseverance have landed him the recognition only a few are able to attain in this highly coveted area. His first Album & Song ” Nikosh Kalo Ei Adhare ( Vocal Version ) ” and “ Nai Tumi Nai (Official) ” was realised at the age of 23 in years of 2022. Then Same Year he released several New Ambient Music Albums named “SKY NEVER BLUES”, “IN OUR CHILLEST MIND”, “PEACE BOOM” etc. And More.

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