How To Clean Toilet Bowl

How To Clean Toilet Bowl

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To maintain hygiene, we generally try to remain clean. This cleaning procedure includes cleaning our dress, things, rooms, kitchens, toilets, etc. If we want to remain hygiene in a true sense, we need to clean the toilet too.

The toilet bowl is the first thing to clean at the time of cleaning the toilet. If we do not clean it properly the toilet will remain unhygienic. The unhygienic toilet is not good for us at all. So, we need to clean it properly. In some ways, we can let our toilet bowl always clean and remain hygienic. We can use some kinds of elements to clean the toilet bowl nicely.

Many of you do not know how to clean the toilet bowl properly. So, here we are to assist all to know the proper way of cleaning the toilet bowl.

How To Clean Toilet Bowl Using Vinegar:

If we are really conscious about our health issues then we must have to clean our toilet at least once a week. The important thing to clean the toilet always starts with the toilet bowl. When we are going to clean our toilet bowl, we can’t forget about vinegar as a wonderful solution.

People use many kinds of harsh abrasives to clean the toilet bowl. But if you think you are tired of using these high smelling cleaners, then you can obviously take the vinegar solution. The method of using vinegar is, we have to place three cups of vinegar into the toilet bowl. Then we have to scrub all the strains inside the toilet bowl.

Also, in some other ways, we can use the vinegar method. We can also put the vinegar inside a spray bottle and then we can spray directly on the strains of the toilet bowl. This way we can easily e plain the toilet bowl. But this method is valuable when the strains on the toilet bowl are not too much. If we often clean the toilet bowl then we can use this method easily.

In another way, we can also use the vinegar. In this way firstly we can take 5 or 6 cups of white vinegar and heat the white vinegar in the microwave for two or three minutes. Then we can put the hot white vinegar into the toilet bowl and scrub with the toilet brush everywhere.

It is good to wait after place the vinegar inside the toilet bowl. The more time we can wait, the best cleaning we will get. If we can wait night after place the vinegar inside the toilet bowl, then the is better to get a good feeling result with it.

Clean the Toilet bowl Using Bleach:

After cleaning your toilet, you need to disinfect your toilet brush properly. There are various ways to clean the toilet bowl. One of the best ways to clean your toilet bowl is to clean with bleach. At first, we need some boiling water.

Then mix the bleach caps with the boiled water in a bucket. Pour the liquid on the toilet bowl. Wait for some moment to clean the strains more heavily.  we can also sprinkle the bleach on the bowl and then after some moment, we can scrub the bowl.

Be Careful About Using Bleach:  

We should be cautious while we are using bleach. The bleach is good for our toilet bowl. But it is not good for our skin and our eyes. To prevent our eye irritation, open the windows. Wear the hand gloves to protect the skin from our hands. To ensure the hygiene of our toilet we need to clean our toilet bowl once a week. Otherwise, bacteria will make it unhygienic.

Using borax powder:

When the task is to clean the toilet heavily, then the borax powder is also an efficient one. Boris powder is a very strong cleaning element. We can strongly clean our toilet bowl by using this. The method of using the borax powder is, we have to sprinkle the powder directly on the strain area inside the toilet bowl.

Then we just have to scrub for a little to reach the powder everywhere inside the bowl. After scrubbing nicely, it’s good to wait at least for 30 to 40 minutes to let the borax powder properly sit on the toilet bowl. Finally, we have to scrub the toilet bowl at the time of flushing the toilet.  One thing is also important while using the borax powder, it’s necessary to remove the water from the area of the strain before using it. In this way using borax powder, we will definitely get some good results on cleaning the toilet bowl.

Use pumice stone:

Pumice stone is also a very successful way to remove these stains from the toilet bowl. First, we have to make the pumice stone wet. It is necessary to get the pumice stone wet before cleaning with it. It makes the stone a little soft for cleaning well. Then we have to put water in the toilet bowl and at that time we have to rub the stone everywhere over the strain area until they have gone totally.

Some Precautions: 

Most of the cleaning agents are injurious to our skin. When we work with these cleaning agents, they necessary to use hand gloves always. These are also harmful to our eyes. So, during working with these deleterious agents try to open all the windows.

Ensure enough air circulation to your working place. Vinegar and bleach create toxic fumes together. So do not mix these two. The mixing of ammonia and bleach are also very harmful. This mixer also creates toxic fumes. So never apply these together. After cleaning the toilet bowl wash, we have to wash our hands properly with hand sanitizer to kill all the germs.


Cleaning the toilet bowl is an easy and simple method. To maintain the hygiene of our toilet, try to clean your cleaning equipment also. we may apply any of the procedures to clean the toilet bowl. Select the proper disinfectant agent.

Our hygiene toilet ensures the hygiene of our home. So be careful about cleaning the toilet bowl. Thank you, everyone.

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