How To Clean Shower Drain

How To Clean Shower Drain

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The cleaning shower drain is not as difficult as you think. It is a very natural thing for the shower drain to become unclogged. Several factors are responsible for unclogging it, such as your hair, soap, water minerals, and so on.

Unfortunately, our hair, especially the longest one, is the biggest problem. It wraps around certain parts of the drain resulting in water not flowing well. This is why cleaning the shower drain is very important.

How To Clean Shower Drain

The question is, how can we clean it, is there any way? Of course, we’re here to share some easy-to-clean tips.

We will give you a few steps on how to clean a shower drain for your convenience. Read the entire article and clean the shower drain yourself.

How the shower drain is clogged:

The main reason a shower drain is clogged is usually due to long hair, dirt, grease and parts of soap. The hair is often attached to parts of the drain and can, therefore, be difficult to move.

The problem is most frequently seen in homes or users with multiple showers who have long hair because short hair is less likely to fall into the drain system.

The process to Clean Shower Drain:

Here are some things that you can use to clean the shower drain:

  1. Hot water: You should heat water in a saucepan, but without reaching the boiling point, and gradually pour it down the strain of the shower. should be enough to fix light or light jams and as a necessary cleaning task.
  2. Manual clearing: Using something wonderful and firm in the form of a hook wire, for example – that you can put between the holes in the drain. You have to check for hair or other debris that is obstructing the duct.
  3. Conventional cleaning products: You can pour bleach or ammonia directly down the drain, let it act and then add hot water. Another quick and easy option is to use caustic soda. They are inexpensive and usually have products for cleaning the home.
  4. Chemical plungers: They are expensive and very aggressive, you have to be extremely careful when using them and limit their use as much as possible. However, it is sometimes essential to resort to these types of solutions.
  5. Cleaning the siphon bottle: Locate in the bathroom the area of ​​the pipe of the pipes and to which you will have access, most commonly, on the floor through a round metal plate with a screw.

To unclog the drain, unscrew the cap screw and remove it, you will probably find a ball of hair and other debris that are the culprits of the jam, remove them with gloves with care and caution. Replace the screwed lid.

  1. Use an object: With the help of a long, beautiful object such as a wire or needle, try to remove anything that might obstruct the drain, such as hair or other debris.

Lift the lid to clean thoroughly. You will surely find hairballs, guilty in most cases of shower drain clogs. You can also use, always with caution, chemical products, although it is not the most advisable due to its aggressiveness.

Here are some extra tips that you can follow:

Tip 1

– Place a metal grill, both in the shower and in the bathtub. It is something essential. It prevents the hair and any other type of element from going into the pipe. So if you want to avoid jams, this is a vital point to keep in mind. When the protection grid is too dirty, pour all your substances into the trash can

It may be somewhat unpleasant, but you have to brave yourself to do it. An additional tip that we can give you is that you place this grid not only in the shower drain. It would also be convenient to put it throughout the house, to protect all the pipes.

Tip 2

Pour a pot of boiling water down the shower tubing. It has to be done at least once a week. This step must be taken into account. It is one of the most important tips to look at. You have to do it very carefuly and make sure that you aren’t damaging anything.

Tip 3

Make a cleaning solution or apply a commercial cleaner. The ideal is to do it once a month. However, if you keep it in a range of every two months maximum is fine. We know that not everyone has the same circumstances, and it can be difficult.

Tip 4

Clean all the caps in the most convenient way you can, and it is imperative. It is the area where the hairs accumulate the most. Therefore, it produces jams that you will later regret. So you have to take very into account when cleaning the shower drain.

Tip 5

Chemicals such as paints and solvents can never be poured into pipes of any kind. Much less empty hot wax or something like that, as this will cause tremendous damage.

These products get to stick to the surface, so the hairs will also stick there. Therefore, avoid as best you can that this happens, to keep the drain in the best condition.

Things to Avoid:

When cleaning a shower drain, there are certain things we must avoid or they may cause damage:

  • Shower drain cleaners from the store can shrink your pipes which can cause significant damage over time.
  • Smoke can become overwhelming.
  • Although bleach pipes can be disinfected, it is ineffective at cleaning clogs from your plumbing. It can also be harmful to your pipes.

Final Words:

As we have discussed above, you may have noticed that cleaning a shower drain is not a very difficult task. You don’t have to hire an expert to clean it. You can clear it yourself only after following a few steps.

For your convenience, we have just listed some tips for cleaning the shower drain. We hope this small effort will help you get the most effective results.

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