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Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000

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The Hoover Smart rinse is an automatic carpeting cleaner that is the next generation of the Hoover full-size that is upright cleaner. However, FH5200 is a carpet cleaner that has massively simplified the procedure to cleanse the carpet.  Nowadays, it is known as the most effective carpet cleaning device. This cleaner is fantastic of all, claimed to be the best machine automatic cleaning from the brand.

If you compare another cleaner on the market, this Hoover Smart wash carpet cleaner is quite lightweight. The machine used auto-mixed and dispenses the cleaning solution, and it takes care of all aspects of the cleaning on behalf of others. Therefore, this review will discuss the detailed explanation of the Hoover Smart Wash, and you will get the pros and cons all here in more information.

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000 Reviews

Product Features

  • Auto Mix

You don’t need to quantity anything once you are washing with this carpet detergent. It uses to mix all automatically while you are doing housework. If you had cast-off carpet cleaner earlier, you might know how worrying it can be to determine the liquid.

You are required to fill the two tanks with the appropriate liquids, and you are ready to go. It may help you with the worry of the correct measurement. Therefore, the right cleaning mixture will not result in a foamy that takes longer.

  • Automatic Cleaning

The most loved features of this unit are automatic cleaning, which is among wash and drying the carpet. Throughout the forward measure, the cleaning mixture is scattered onto the carpet while the brush roll replaces to agitate dirt and make for the pickup.

The process changes to extraction water and freshening out the carpet on the drawing the unit back. You don’t want to use any key for that to occur. Therefore, automation means you do not need to use any of the switches for you to get the cleaning done.  There is no trigger to press on handling, thus making the cleanserrelaxed to use.

  • Auto Drying

To dehydrated the carpet, you need to use different technology, that is, pressure and hot air. When the exact water from the guttedshallow by using the power of the aspiration, thus itimpulses down the frenzied air. The manufacturer will call it Heat Force drying. It receipts three to four hours for the short and medium-pile carpet. This is due to the long fiber that results from more moisture to trapped. Therefore, the high pile carpet will dry faster upon cleaning them with the Hoover Smart wash.

  • Trigger-less Design

There is no trigger to press continuously on the machine.

The machine has only one ergonomic handle. Thus, it mixtures the washing solution and water routinely. Additionally, it has only one primary button, present in the form of the foot pedal that switched the unit on and off.

  • Dual Brush roll

The machine is equipped with a two-brush roll that has expended rubber brushes, helically designed. Away from each other from the distended worry of the dirt, the protracted bristles cruel the brush roll has far reached into the carpet. Thus, it helps to undo up the dust that is profounder in a pile.

  • Separate Tanks

Here you will find different tanks in the package for the dusting solution, clean water, and dirty water separately. Clean and dirty water, not the same container, respectively. You are secure of cleaning that is remarkably efficient. It allows you to solution the carpet to in heightstages of cleanliness.

Furthermore, it saves you from the tension of creating an imbalance cleaning mixture.

  • 8- foot Hose

It arises with a long hose that prolonged by virtual of long Hose. The reach for pretty comfort and competence when cleaning.

  • Cleaning Path

The 12-inch cleaning thickness allows you to finish carpet cleaning tasks faster. It is quite essential if you have an inequality cleaning area.

  • Low profile

The low profile helps to go under equipment with luxury. It lies a little enough, and it makes cleaning more comfortable in case your home has a lot of furniture and carpet.


  • Strong suction that safeguardsefficacy carpet cleaning
  • It mixes the cleaning resolution automatically and releases you of the stresses of calculating liquids
  • Since the cleaning is automatic, hence you do not want to press any triggers.
  • You can finish the housework task quicker owing to a full 12-inch housework path.
  • Ainclusive 12- inch cleaning path that varieties cleaning actions quicker
  • Dual brush roll with extended bristles for a bottomless reach and improved agitation of dirt
  • Fewer controls manufacture it easy to use
  • Separate tanks offer better cleaning outcomes than a single container for dusting mixture.
  • The long Hose benefits enhanced spread.
  • A long hose that suggestions enhanced reach


  • Since there is no manual detergent control, therefore, you can’t rise the amount of shampoo to eradicate a stubborn stain.
  • Minor clean water tank which needs you to refill it nowadays and then
  • A brief cord that restrictions the cleaning radius
  • It leaves a little too much water in the carpets.


Buying Guide of the Hoover Smart wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

Before you decide to purchase the Hoover Smart remove, you need to consider some of the critical factors, as explained here.


If the machine weighs 18.5 pounds, it makes it easy to transport from one residence to another. Extra thin the portability enhanced by the overview it takes handled on the back near the cord wrap hold.


The machine does not come with the dry dirt or the dust bin. The earth of the carpet is water-logged in the water being sprayed mad about the carpet. The earth gets absorbed in the tank, and debris selected into the pressure path that is filtered out. The machine holds a diet water tank with a 1-gallon tank for clean water.


You may imagine a steep price, although Hoover has familiarized us with the even and down to rate. Check the machine that you can afford to buy.

Final Thought

Hoover Smart wash automatic carpet cleaner; it makes it nearly impossible to mess up your cleaning process. Since it does what your vacuum cannot do. The automatic cleaning machine determines your carpet as clean as it is going to get ready. Therefore, a great solution if you are seeking a model with single-use and exceptional cleaning performance.

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